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10 Genius Cleaning Tips For Your Home


1. Clean your mixer with soap

Cleaning a mixer is a dangerous activity at best. You put your hand in a bowl full of knives and you hope for the best every time you try to remove the remains of this smoothie kale from your blades.

The good news? It is easy to remove this sticky dirt by pouring hot water, a little baking soda, and a little dish soap into your blender and shaking it for a few seconds. Then rinse it well or put it in the dishwasher to give it a new look. And when you want to make your home flawless from A to Z, it’s the safest way to clean your floors!.

2. Shine your sink with waxed paper

Sinks are among the dirtiest places in the house, with a recent study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology showing that many sinks, even those in hospitals, are infested with drug-resistant bacteria. And the constant wear and tear we apply to our sinks often mean that they look less than clean, even after they have been disinfected.

The solution? After disinfection with an antibacterial cleaner, polish the faucets and faucet handles with waxed paper. Not only will this help remove water stains, but wax will also help prevent future stains. And if you want to enjoy these cleaning marathons, even more, start with the 20 great ways to make household chores more fun!

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