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Early Signs And Symptoms Of Diabetes


1 Increased urination

An increase in the frequency of urination is one of the earliest signs of diabetes. Your kidneys need to work overtime to flush the excess amount of glucose that is in the blood through urination. You will have to go to the bathroom much more often. You will also have a much two times a higher chance of getting urinary tract infections. An increase in the number of times you go to the bathroom is called polyuria, and it happens because of unregulated blood sugar. When there is an overabundance of sugar in the blood, more liquid will pass through the kidneys.

2 Increased thirst and dry mouth

Increased thirst is a common sign of diabetes. Excessive thirst is called polydipsia. When you have diabetes, too much sugar ends up in your bloodstream, and your kidneys must work harder to get the excess sugar flushed out with urination. This usually will pull more liquid along with it. This makes somebody more thirsty and dehydrated, and this will make you want to drink more fluids. Drinking more fluids will make you urinate more often. It’s a cycle that occurs over and over.

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