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The Most Bizarre Things That Men Subconsciously Look For In A Woman


If you ask a man what he finds attractive during a woman, the solution will probably be something between ‘nice butt’ and ‘pretty face’. Although not many are so direct, most of them still believe that each one of this stuff is among the foremost important during a girl. it’ll come as an enormous surprise to both men and ladies that things work differently on a subconscious level. While all the above-mentioned traits do draw guys to certain sorts of women, there’s a bunch of other characteristics that play a way more important role. Subconsciously, guys are all about childbearing abilities! Yes, you heard that right. The study at the University of Newcastle in England also revealed that such traits as kindness and agreeability play a crucial role also because back within the day women were relied upon in forming various social alliances. So, here are some surprising physical traits guys search for in women.

High – pitched voices

It may shock many women that guys find high-pitched voices more attractive than deep husky ones. It happens so because high-pitched voices are associated with youth and high energy levels and are generally perceived as more feminine. Studies support that idea! It’s different for women who usually like men with deeper voices, which suggests bigger bodies and more strength.

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