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The Spectacular Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt


Does pink Himalayan salt have iodine?

Does pink Himalayan salt have iodine? | The Spectacular Benefits Of Pink Himalayan Salt | Life360 Tips

Iodine is one of the key ingredients in table salt. That makes table salt a very important source of iodine for those who suffer iodine deficiency.

Would you be able to swap out table salt and swap in pink Himalayan salt for your iodine needs? Not really. While pink Himalayan salt does contain iodine, it is usually less than standard table salt has.

That means someone who has fully switched to pink Himalayan salt will need to look elsewhere for their iodine fix.

Is pink Himalayan salt good for you?

It’s easy enough to answer questions about what makes Himalayan salt pink. The bigger question for most people, though, is whether this salt is good for you or not.

The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is that in most cases, pink Himalayan salt is a healthier alternative to traditional table salt. This is because it is more natural than table salt and has fewer additives that can negatively affect your health.

Keep in mind, though, that salt is salt. Too much sodium can be bad for anyone, and it’s particularly dangerous for those with issues such as high blood pressure. So while pink Himalayan salt is healthier for you than regular salt, you should still consume it in moderation.

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