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Some Foods We Won’t Be Eating 100 Years From Now


Fallen arches

Hamburgers will be a thing of the past, too, and fast food more specifically, mostly for the reason above, but not entirely. Oh, I’m sure there will be some kind of meat sandwiched between buns that will be called “burger” but it will not be made of cow. Okay, it might be made of cow but not a real cow. To sustain demand without having more cows, or even as many cows, future food will be made from synthetically grown meat. Don’t laugh; they’re already succeeding in cloning and growing meat in the lab. So, no authentic burger, and, combined with the above, no cheeseburgers either.

Bar’s closed

Okay, so we’re already depressed about lovely meat and cheese and bananas – but not all at once — so future people will just have to drown their sorrows in booze, right? Nope, that will probably be gone, too. Alcohol as we know it will probably be phased out in favor of synthetic alcohol, or synthetic, which will create a pleasant buzz but not leave you with the actual drunkenness followed by a hangover. Because alcohol is made of grain (and other things) that are fermented, and grain may become harder to grow in rising temperatures and smaller arable areas.

Salad bar’s closed, too

You may not realize it but if you live in the First World, you have more access to fresh fruits and vegetables than anyone else at any other time in history. Between the ability to ship long distances and to grow lots of food fast, no food isn’t acquirable (with large applications of money), even in “food desert” areas. This will change, too. It’s not that we won’t have vegetables and fruit, but getting it fresh may be out of the question for most people. Frozen, freeze-dried, liquefied, canned — those we’ll have. But unless you live on a farm, freshness is not remotely guaranteed.

Say it ain’t so, Joe | Life 360 Tips

Say it ain’t so, Joe

No, I hear you scream, not the coffee! (Or maybe that was me screaming. Hard to tell.) Yes, coffee is on the list. We’re already experiencing shortages, due to poor harvests, overharvesting, and — to be honest — we’re drinking way too much of it. Well, not me, obviously, but the rest of you. In any case, getting coffee free at the car repair shop will be a thing of the past, as it will be too expensive to give away. It will go back to being what it was when it was first brought to Europe from Turkey and the Middle East — and exotic, niche market item. But that’s not even the worst one on this list, hard as that is to imagine…

The water we going to do?

Top of the list is the most vital one. Water — freshwater, available anywhere — is already set up to be a battleground. As drought spreads across the world, freshwater is starting to become scarce, even in first-world areas. Anyone who’s seen the lack of water behind Hoover Dam can see the problem, and it’s only going to get worse. Future people will be drinking desalinated ocean water and recycled gray water more often than freshwater, and if you think bottled water is expensive now, it’s going to be in many places prohibitively so later on. And then things are going to start to get bad. But don’t worry, we’ll all be gone by then and it will be someone else’s problem, so, who’s up for a cheeseburger?


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